Welcome to the world of juniper! Juniperus communis L.  is a tree or shrub like gymnosperm that grows to about five feet in height, is known for it's red bark, and has seeds that are berrylike in nature. Its common name is crazy enough, Common Juniper.


A naturalist, Constantine Refinesque, wrote about common juniper, “the berries have a strong pungent, aromatic smell and taste, somewhat sweet and bitter, containing an essential oil, tannin, and a sweet mucilage. The leaves  and wood also contain some of the oil also, which resides the active properties” (Bontanica 447-448).


Juniper is one of the most widely distributed trees in the world. One of it’s primary uses is in ornamental bouquets and displays. There are about 60 different varieties of Juniper throughout the world that differ upon location.  Juniper is also one of the flavorings in Gin. you may have heard of Juniper called by a different name some of which are Common Juniper, Juniperus communis L., gin berry, dwarf Juniper, Mountain Common Juniper, Prostrate Juniper, Fairy Circle, Hackmtack, or Horse Savin.

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