Photo by Glyn Ednie

Welcome to the World of
The Red-Tailed Hawk..

The Red-tailed hawk or Buteo jamaicenis is one of the most visible and well known soaring hawks in North America.  For most beginning falconers or people studying falcons, the Red-tailed hawk is one of the most popular beginning species and also used in various nature centers for educational demonstrations.

The Red-tailed hawks are characterized by their stout, robust bodies, a broad wingspan, and red tail feathers.  When still, an adult Red-tailed hawk's wing tips will reach the tip of it's tail.

On this website, you will be able to find out more about the Red-tailed hawk, how they have adapted over the years, where they normally reside, how they receive their nutrients, how they interact with other species, the inner workings of how they reproduce and so much more...



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