Welcome! If you are searching for a knowledgeable website about Bucephala albeola, you have come to the right place. Through this website, you can learn everything about buffleheads from their classification to their reproduction to interesting facts. Read below to learn about their physical description, and then start clicking and learning about these beautiful ducks.

A flock of buffleheads.  Image courtesy of Jim Bourke and found at http://www.nps.gov/sajh/naturescience/bufflehead-duck.htm

Physical Description

Buffleheads are the smallest diving ducks, weighing only around one pound.  These ducks are described as chubby and compact.  They have a short neck with a big, puffy head and a narrow gray bill.  They are the only diving duck with a lobed hind toe.  Buffleheads exhibit sexual dimorphism.  Males have a black head, back and wings.  On their head, they have a large white patch that goes from their ear-coverts across their nape.   The black part of their heads have green and purple sections.  They have a white patch on their wings and a white underside.  Female buffleheads have a dark brown head, back, and wings and a pale gray underside.  They have a smaller white patch on their wings than males do and have a small white patch on their head.