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 Used with permission from http://www.nps.gov

Among the many different flowering species found in Wisconsin, one of the most treasured is the Yellow Ladyslipper Orchid, or Cypripedium parviflorum. This orchid is unique due to is appearance and difficult life style. If you’re a gardener of orchids, you know this is a treasure to be had. If you would like to read on either continue down the page for a morphology overview, move on to classification, or just return back to multipleorganisms.net to find another organism.


The morphology of C. parviflorum not only gives it its distinct appeal, but also its classification. This plant stands approximately 15 to 60 cm tall, has no woody tissue and is usually found in the forest. It grows in stalks that bear three to six leaves at maturity. The interesting part of this plant is not its leaves though, it’s the unforgettable flower attached. Each stalk can bear one to two flowers during flowering season (May to June) and these flowers consist of three sepals, three petals and one modified petal in the shape of a slipper. For the Yellow Ladyslipper Orchid, these slippers are a bright yellow with scattered red veins inside. For more about the morphology and how it ties into classification, let’s move on to the classification page!