Water Scorpion - Nepa cinerea 




Water Scorpion


WELCOME! Through this website you will learn knowledgeable information about the water scorpion but more specifically the species Nepa cinerea. Read below to understand their physical description and characteristics but to learn more fascinating facts click on the links to the right. ENJOY!




 Water scorpions are a grayish brown or reddish brown color that are approximately 15- 45 mm in length, not including the breathing tube which can be up to 20 mm in length. To understand more about breathing tube click here. This organism is split into two main genera: Ranatra and Nepa. The Ranatra species are elongated and fairly skinny with relatively long legs. They are relatively similar to the walking sticks but this website specifically focuses on the Nepa. These species have oval and flattened bodies with fairly short legs.



Their most distinguished regions, which make them easy to classify, are their scissor-like fore limbs and the long tail-like breathing tube at the end of their abdomen. Water scorpions also have large, compound eyes and short, stout beaks which help with nutrition. They also have well-developed wings, but rarely fly.




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