Hypophthalmichys Molitrix


Hypophthalmichthys molitrix better known as the silver carp or to many anglers the “garbage fish” due to its bony structure making it difficult for eating.  If you have not heard of the silver carp it is about time that you have, you should know about this carp as well as it’s close relatives the grass carp, common carp, black carp and the bighead carp more about these relatives can be found on the carp attack page.  These are all native species to Asia that were accidentally released here in the U.S around the 1980s.  The population of all five of these invasive species has exploded and is threatening the natural inhabitants of the Mississippi River and surrounding tributaries.  Click on the various links throughout the site to find out more information on the Silver carp as well as its invasive relatives and find out how you can be a part of the solution of protecting America’s native fishes.  

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Photo by Kate Gardiner - silver carp in Shedd aquarium

juvenile silver carp (top)

carp jumping - picture by Eric Strauss (left)

One of the earliest silver carp on record caught in the wild 1990. (Photo by Leo G. Nico.