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In this webpage, you will explore the world of the tiger salamander. The adult tiger salamander is a thick-bodied creature generally with yellow blotches or spots against a black background. Once in a while there will be one with blotches that are tan or olive green in color. The spots or blotches are never in any set shape, size or position. Actually you may even be able to tell its origin by the color and pattern of the background and/or spots. The tiger salamander has a rather large head and a broad rounded snout. Their eyes are round. The belly is usually yellowish or olive with invading dark pigment. It has about 12-13 coastal grooves . Males tend to be proportionally longer, with a more compressed tail and longer stalkier hind legs than the females. During the breeding season, the males have a swollen vent area. The larvae have a yellowish green or olive body with the dark blotches and a stripe along each side. They also have a whitish belly. As they grow, specimens tend to be grayish or greenish in color, and within a few weeks they start to show yellow or tan spots and gradually merge into the patterns of the adult bodies.


The organism has many unique attributes that aid the tiger salamander in survival  which you can view in adaption . Find some closely related relatives of the salamander in classification. Learn interesting facts about the tiger salamander in facts. Discover where the tiger salamander calls home in the habitat . Learn the preferred food source of the salamander in the nutrition link as well as predators and parasites of this organism in interactions.  Finally, learn how the organism reproduces  in reproduction.

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