Eisenia fetida   

Also known as the red wiggler, brandling worm, dung worm, or the tiger worm

 This is a common earthworm.  It is found extensively around the world in various habitats and not only in the ground.  This is a common worm to use as fishing bait but has also made a name for itself by being associated with garbage and waste!  It is probably the most widely used worm for vermicomposting

Why does this worm have several common names? The common names listed above all are due to characteristics of this worm.  Click here to learn more about its characteristics.

Interested in learning where an earthworm like Eisenia fetida fits into the tree of life?  Is it an animal?  What other creatures is it most like?  Click here to learn more.    


“All fertile areas of this planet have at least once passed through the bodies of earthworms.” Charles Darwin