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The Albacore tuna, or Thunnus alalunga, is one of many tuna that can be found in many waters throughout the world. You may ask, what is so cool about this type of fish? Well, I am here to answer this question and to give you a better understanding about this incredible creature. You will find out many interesting things about albacore tuna, including facts about omega 3 fatty acids. There are also many other pages on the website that will help you get a better understanding of information on Albacore tuna. You will find many intriguing things about this tuna, including the habitat of the fish and how the tuna reproduces. You will also learn some ways to incorporate the fish into your diet.


This site was created for a project for my Organismal Biology class at UW-La Crosse. Every student was required to create a webpage about some type of organism that we can derive medicine from. In past years, other students have also created web pages for the class but have had a different topic to choose organisms from. Not one web page talks about the same organism and they are all very interesting. To see other web pages from other students feel free to visit the site www.multipleorganisms.net.


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 Author: Noah Bularz

Last Updated: April 16th 2011