Auricularia auricula-judae


Auricularia auricular-judae. Jew's ear mushroom. Wood ear fungus. Cloud ear fungus. Jelly fungus. Now imagine if we had that many names. That would be confusing.


Ear fungus 1

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This mushroom is one that is very distinct from most others that I have seen. To begin with, the most striking feature is the ear shape it possesses. It has a jelly-like texture, and it is soft to the touch when fresh but hard when it is dry. Aside from that, it has a red-brown color which varies depending on the age of the mushroom. When it gets older, the color tends to be more black. The best part of this mushroom is that it is edible and has comfounds within its cell wall that have been researched to find medicinal contributions. Anti-cancer research is one that is conducted on this mushroom just like with the sea cucumber. Now, don’t let me give it all away. Please keep reading the other pages to learn about the many aspects of this mushroom. Learn about the relationships to other organisms, the reproduction and life cycle, and so much more!

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Now let’s go on to the classification and phylogeny of the Auricularia-auricula-judae.



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