Photo: Australian National Botanic Gardens

Eucalyptus dives

The broad-leaf peppermint gum is a fascinating tree in the Eucalyptus genus, a diverse group of hundreds of plant species. 

To learn more about the Eucalyptus trees and their lineage, see the Classification page.

What makes Eucalyptus dives and its sister taxa so special?  Read about the impressive Adaptations these organisms boast that allow them to flourish in varying, and sometimes quite unwelcoming, environments.

Explore the important roles that the broad-leaf peppermint plays in its Habitat and some methods of Reproduction employed by eucalyptus trees.

Find some interesting (and unexpected) Facts about eucalyptus trees, and visit the Glossary for information about some unfamiliar terms.

                    Photo: Australian National Botanic Gardens



Evan Glasgow  -  University of Wisconsin - La Crosse  -  Organismal Biology

LastUpdated: April 16, 2011