Brunfelsia grandiflora- Kiss Me Quick

 A Hallucinogen and Medical Marvel.



              KISS ME QUICK!

Hold your horses, it's not what it sounds like!


While the name may be misleading, Kiss Me Quick is actually a plant. I'm sorry if I got your hopes up. Apologies aside, I would be willing to bet that you're a little curious about the "mysterious" Kiss Me Quick. 



Isn’t that just an exciting name for a plant? How might one go about acquiring such a name, you ask? Well, let me tell you! Brunfelsia grandiflora earned this enticing name due to the changing colors of its flowers over a few days. When the flowers first bloom, they are a deep purple. As the days pass and the plant ages, the flowers fade from the deep purple into a lighter lavender color, and finally, the petals fade to white.  



 They fade quicker than a kiss. The name makes sense now, right?  For this same reason, B. grandiflora also landed the name Yesterday Today and Tomorrow. Both are very fitting names for this colorful chameleon of the plant world. Other common names include Chiric-Sanango, Bella Union, Borrachero, Chacruco, Chipiritsontinbaka, Chiricaspi (fever tree), Huha Hay , Manaka Root, Sanango, Picudo, and, Uhahai.



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