This Is Just The Beginning!

Cordyceps sinesis, or Caterpillar Fungus is a medicinal organism found that has been used in Asia for many years. I know, when you think of medicinal organisms, things such as medical marijuana, opium poppy, or even a medicinal leech, but definitely not CATERPILLAR FUNGUS. However, to your surprise, this organism is rather quite interesting.

Feel free to search the pages and learn more about Cordyceps sinesis. You're guaranteed to find something astonishing about this organism. This amazing organism is very valuable, and rather expensive because of supply and demand. It is used to treat an arrangement of popular symptoms while helping with problems involving internal organs! The picture below shows a specific store in Tibet selling this fungi to the public! It really is a magical medicine!

Who would have thought that such a wonderful medicine could be used after protruding from a caterpillar's head! Continue reading!





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