The Queen of the Namib

Welcome to the exciting world of Hoodia Gordonii!

This fascinating plant first came to the world's attention when it was discovered that the Bushmen or the San of the Kalahari desert were using it to overcome hunger and thirst while food was limited (read more about this on the Facts page). It turns out that Hoodia gordonii is an effective weight loss supplement because it can sustain hunger. This has been the plants claim to fame and people have started cultivating it in recent years.


This plant has many other unique qualities that make it stand out from the rest so feel free to take a look around and be learn something new.



For more information on other interesting organisms go to the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Organismal Biology Multiple Organisms website!





Joanie Scholtz University of Wisconsin La-Crosse. Last Updated April 16, 2011