Welcome to the Fascinating World of Sea Sponges and the Amazing Cryptotethya crypta.

    This is a website dedicated to the wonderful and always exciting sponges!  SpoA marine sea sponge found in Aruba - credited to cwylie0nges are a very diverse and interesting group in the animal kingdom.  Primarily aquatic, these organism are known for their suspension feeding techniques and diverse and unique cellular structures.
    The species, Cryptotethya crypta (also known to be referred to as: Cryptotheca crypta, Cryptotethia crypta, and Tectitethya crypta), will be the main focus of this site along with some of its very important medicinal uses.  I hope that my page is not only informative but helps give a broader knowledge of these amazing animals.

    I am Peter Szotkowski, I am currently studying at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.  This is my website for my Organismal Biology class on medicinal organisms.  To look at more organisms studied this and past years here at La Crosse please visit, MultipleOrganisms.net!  To learn more about me or how to contact me please visit the Contact Me portion of my site!  To learn more about my Organismal class as well as plenty of interesting and exotic organisms, please visit my professor Tom Volk's page, TomVolkFungi.net!

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