Dermatobia hominis


Dermatobia hominis

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So what exactly is it?

D. hominis is an fly native to Central and Southern America. The distinguishing characteristic about this fly is its larval stage that parasitizes mammals, including humans. Adult flies have a short life span that at most lasts three weeks, during this stage it doesn't feed but relies on nutrients acquired during the larval stage. The interesting part of D.hominis life cycle is that the adult fly never comes in contact with the host, it instead relies on other flies or insects to carry the eggs.  Now that's pretty neat!


 Why should you care?

Due to increased international travel infestation by parasites similar to D. hominis is becoming more common. Although there is a rare chance of major health complications, knowledge of this organism can help prevent and properly recognize infestation of this organism. D. hominis has a major impact on the economies and health care fields of which it is found.