Our first thought when we hear "purple frog" is probably a cute purple creature that sits on lily pads and catches flies with their sticky tongue, but I can assure you the recently discovered Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis, otherwise known as the pig-nosed or purple frog, does not particularly fit tPurple Froghat image.  Although defined as an ancestral species within the anuran family, N. sahyadrensis was discovered along the Western Ghats of India very recently. Locals have been aware of the odd looking amphibian for a long time, but until 2003 the frog managed to stay hidden from scientists and researchers.  The N. sahyadrensis does not resemble the idea of a typical frog, but rather has a pointed nose protruding from a bulbous, dark purple or sometimes brownish body, with short front and hind legs of which are not used for jumping.  
This website about the fascinating organism N. sahyadrensis is part of a larger project at multipleorganisms.net if you are interested in discovering other amazing organisms that make up the world around us.  Now let us begin our journey through the interesting life of the unique N. sahyadrensis starting with Classification.