Biology 203 Students - Fall 2013

Pseudacris regilla-Pacific Tree Frog created by Amanda Bradley and Kalene Wileman

Eschscholzia californica-California Poppy created by Stefanie Gessert and Samantha Havrilla

Sceloporus occidentalis-Western Fence Lizard created by Taylor Gut, Jonathon Free, and Cienna Hopkins

Odocoileus hemiounus columbianus-Columbian Black Tailed Deer created by Carlie Hopp and Javier Torres

Schizocosa mccooki-Wolf Spider created by Alex Kirchner and Thomas Joswiak

Taricha Granulosa-Rough-skinned Newt created by Alastair Keys, Corey Herman, and Nathan LaCoursiere

Lupinus bicolor-Miniature Lupine created by Tara Lila and Megan Gresl

Metrius contractus-Bombardier Beetle created by Sarah Lloyd and Megan Lyden

Glomus intraradices created by Dylan Montoure and Michael Vogt

Microtus californicus-California Meadow Vole created by Olivia Snodgrass and Ashley Wambach

Harpaphe haydeniana-Yellow-Spotted Millipede created by Sunita Nandihalli and Alex Crain

Oiceoptoma noveboracense-Margined Carrion Beetle created by Alyssa Everson

Sarcophaga crassipalpis-Flesh Fly created by Christina Griffin and Elyssa Kingstad

Sarcapohaga carnaria-European Flesh Fly created by Caleb Parker and Brady Gross

Lumbricus terrestris-Earthworm created by McKenna Jacobs and Nicole Lang

Aleochara bilineata-Rove Beetle created by Grace Kehoe and Megan Beine

Scarabaeus sacer-Dung Beetle created by Tory Klepsa and Amanda Ramos

Calliphora vicina created by Ryan Kuhn and Nick Jorgensen

Armadillidium vulgare-Pill Bug created by Kelsey Miller and Aislynn Wagner

Aphodius prodromus created by Callie Horstman and Bobbi Jo Schuttemeier

Morchella esculenta-Morel Mushroom created by Corey Volden and Mia Vidmar

Phanaeus vindex-Rainbow Scarab Beetle created by Lucas Zellmer and Zach Stoflet

Cataglyphis bombycina-Saharan Silver Desert Ant created by Austin Baetke and Jake Raffel

Xylocopa virginica-Eastern Carpenter Bee created by Dana Baldwin and Emily Clarkin

Cryptotermes cavifrons-Dry Wood Termite created by Seth Roca and Tyler Brown

Melipona beecheii-Sacred Mayan Bee created by Katie Dobbs and Graeham Conklin

Polistes dominula-European Paper Wasp created by Tim Good and Chris DeWinter

Eciton burchellii-Army Ant created by Jesse Hahn and Evan Miller

Xylocopa varipuncta-Valley Carpenter Bee created by Jake Holum and Ian Schwanda

Iridomyrmex purpureus-Meat Ant created by Parker Kastelic and Jacob Koeshall

Myrmecocystus mexicanus-Honeypot Ant created by Kathryn Goodreau and Elisabeth Kujala

Monomorium minimum-Little Black Ant created by Amber Mehr and Sylvia Roznik

Atta cephalotes-Leafcutter Ants created by LeAnna Bender and Chad Mertens

Solenopsis invicta-Red Imported Fire Ants created by Rachael Miller and Lynsey Yehle

Silene latifolia-White Campion created by Paige Frendahl and Kirsten Anderson

Sepia apama-Australian Giant Cuttlefish created by Aaron Bennett and Franklin Carnes

Aquila chrysaetos-Golden Eagle created by Luke Bjorklund and Abby Johnson

Ursus americanus-American Black Bear created by Christina Burkhart and Lauren Kemps

Vulpes vulpes-Red Fox created by Matthew Eidenschink and Alesia Baldwin

Lingulodinium polyedrum created by Stacey Egberg and Dakota Flohaug

Phasianus colchicus-Ring-Necked Pheasant created by Rebekah Guthman and Jake Hilger

Rhincodon typus-Whale Shark created by Leotzi Lee and Gabby Liston

Callithrix pygmaea-Pygmy Marmoset created by Jenna Malinauskas and Abbey Zimmer

Melanocetus johnsonii-Humpback Anglerfish created by Ryan Pitney and Steve Von Haden

Linum marginale-Native flax created by Alexandra Kies and Lexi Renk

Ursus arctos-Grizzly Bear created by Daniel Rittenhouse and Kyle Swales

Carcharhinus melanopterus-Blacktip Reef Shark created by Chelsea Kotes and Nick Berry

Amphioctopus marginatus-Coconut Octopus created by Megan Johnson and Cole Cudd

Bolbometopon muricatum-Green Humphead Parrotfish created by Melinda Feaster and Michaela Muehlenkamp

Triaenodon obesus-Whitetip Reef Shark created by Amanda Herbrand and Kate Habrel

Stenella Clymene-Clymene dolphin created by Taylor Kahl and Lauren Olson

Ophiocordyceps unilateralis created by Aaron Kumlien and Sean Carlson

Enypniastes eximia-Swimming Sea Cucumber created by Bailey Abbott and Andrea Langley

Lysmata amboinensis-Pacific Cleaner Shrimp created by Dustin Metzger and Steve Brunschidle

Globicephala melas-Long-Finned Pilot Whale created by Abigail Nixon and Lindsey Hoff

Oregonia gracilis-Graceful Decorator Crab created by Alecia Faber and Ben Tschoeke

Galeocerdo Cuvier-Tiger Shark created by Michael Arndt

Sphyrna lewini-Scalloped Hammerhead Shark created by Josh White and Garrett Berg

Phoca vitulina-Harbor Seal created by Alyssa Dorosz and Daniel Nash

Betta splendens-Siamese Fighting Fish created by Nickie Beaulieu and Sydne Springman

Monodon monoceros-Narwhal created by Quinton Taylor and Sean Gallagher

Cheilinus undulatus-Napoleon Wrasse created by Olivia Feagles and Madison Geliche

Ictalurus fraculus-Blue Catifsh created by Tylor Hoard

Caretta caretta-Loggerhead Sea Turtle created by Kelsey Huseth and Ally Thompson

Amphiprion perideraion-Pink Skunk Clownfish created by Caitlin Quella and Abby Stauder

Sepia officinalis-Common Cuttlefish created by Kyle Ziegler and Chelsea Olson

Ursus arctos-Grizzly Bears created by Dawn Hackfort and Marissa Hogan

Antrozous pallidus-Pallid Bat created by Lydia Korte and Amy Schweitzer

Synanceia horrida-Stonefish created by Trevor Olsen

Astyanax Mexicanus-Mexican Tetra created by Samantha Lieven and Carl Kritter

Riftia pachyptila created by Roslyn Walhovd

Synanceia Verrucosa-Stonefish created by Cece Staege

Amblyopsis rosae-Ozark Cavefish created by Rachel Behl and Alex Wontor

Tadarida brasiliensis-Mexican Free-Tailed Bat created by Jesse Guadarrama and Bridget Young

Barbourofelis fricki-Sabertooth created by Emilie Ingrid Anderson and Lingxiao Ye

Cryptoprocta ferox-Fossa created by Molly Colombo and Rachael Tenuta

Macaca mulatta-Rhesus Monkey created by Alex Koenen and Travis Harrison

Dunkleosteus terrelli created by Sadie Peters and Leah Mikrut

Galeopterus variegatus-Flying Lemur created by Maggie Quigley and Sarah Cameron

Tiktaalik roseae created by Michelle Raabe and Casey Wojtowicz

Madoqua saltiana-Dik-dik created by Chelsie Richards and Alexis Cherrier

Tanystropheus longobardicus created by Abigail Rohde and Karissa Rueth

Streptococcus pneumoniae created by Ryan Schaefer and Tanner Folvag

Harpia harpyja-Harpy Eagle created by Jeffery Benike and Zoe Simon

Saiga tatarica-Saiga created by Lauren Schnurbusch and Jordan Carns

Kronosaurus queenslandicus created by Merari Cordova and Andre McMillion

Platanista gangetica-Ganges river dolphin created by Michelle Edgar and Alex Bartelme

Phytosaurs-Phytosaurs created by Matthew Barbour and Alex Gorka

Petromyzon marinus-Sea Lampreys created by Amanda Guise and Bryanne Blanton

Setonix brachyurus-Quokka created by Jessie Bere and Trevor Hanke

Dosidicus gigas-Humboldt Squid created by Ben Bengtson and Nathaniel Kitzmann

Quetzalcoatlus northropi-Pterosaur created by Elizabeth Krings and Jesse Jepson

Enteroctopus megalocyathus-Patagonian red octopus created by Karlissa McAtee and Jordan Anderson

Hexabranchus sanguineus-Spanish Dancer created by Alec Moenning and Devin Yurk

Naegleria fowleri-“Brain-Eating” Amoeba created by Alyssa Chrisman and Kelsey Welch

Equus burchelli-Plains Zebra created by Alayna Husom and Jed Dallas

Galago senegalensis-Lesser Bush Baby created by Kelly Degner and Nnia Emeka-Aneke

Vulpes vulpes-Red Fox created by Emilee DeSmet and Liz Teasdale

Eudyptula minor-Little Blue Penguin created by Melanie Nielsen and Nick Didier

Aedes aegypti-Yellow Fever Mosquito created by Michael Fuerte, Jade Finstad, and Megan Beckman

Okapia johnstoni-Okapi created by Michael Tuyls and Andrew Jablonski

C. parvum created by Mariah Weiland and Tiffany Nelson

Loxodonta cyclotis-African Forest Elephant created by Lauren Pfaffenroth and Samantha Van Riper

Esox masquinongy X Esox lucius-Tiger Musky created by Sam Schneider and Derek Gill

Porichthys notatus-Plainfin Midshipman created by Chris Woods and Ed Bernas

Noctiluca scintillans-Sea Sparkle created by Andrew Bradford and Alexis Barber

Mycena citricolor-American Coffee Spot created by Andrew Dominick

Pyrocystis fusiformis created by Rachel Eigner and Danielle J Schiro

Photinus marginellus-Firefly created by Sarah Fischer and Jamie Frawley

Pteroptyx malaccae-Firefly created by Logan Fleres and Garrett Sarauer

Kryptophanaron alfredi created by Kara Greenwood and Lynzee Pinkert

Ophiopsila riisei-Brittle Star created by Abby Lee and Taylor Graef

Odontosyllis phosphorea-Fireworm created by Isaac Metzler and James Groh

Photinus ignitus-Firefly created by Jordon Thomsen and Victor Bretl

Vibrio salmonicida created by Stephanie Dalsing and Rachel Voye

Aequorea victoria-Crystal Jellyfish created by John Frawley and Ron Zaleski