This page is dedicated to enlightening the world on our little friend the termite Cryptotermes cavifrons. This website will inform you on the classification,Habitat,Adaptation, Reproduction, and interactions this termite has.  This little critter may be better recognized as a dry wood termite. You may have seen C. cavifrons if you have traveled to warmer places closer to the equator, such as Florida and Jamaica.  As their common name suggests, C. cavifrons typically inhabit dry wood, and on occasion can be found infesting homes.  New colonies take time due to the lack of water supply.  Reproduction also takes time.  Do not underestimate these termites though.  If a colony is not found within a timely manner, additional colonies will form.  Over time they will add up!

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Burishkin

C.cavifrons follows the typical body plans of most termites. The worker caste has a soft white body with six legs all stemming from the mid segment called the termites abdomen. The guards vary greatly from their worker counterparts with a larger body and a powerful enlarged jaws that it can use to defend the colony from invaders. The king and queen termites are usually browner in color and have wings before they have started a colony (see adaptation).