• Kronosaurus literally means "lizard of Kronos"  Kronos was the leader of the Titans of

Greek Mythology.  In Greek mythology Kronos ate his own children, this is gruesome but in no

way is related to Kronosaurus

(Kronos devouring one of his children, Poseidon.)









  • The teeth had evolved for tearing huge chunks of flesh off prey rather than chewing. 


  • Kronosaurus head was over 2 m long. This was twice as large as the skull of T-Rex.


  • It's four massive flippers, which were each up to 2 m in length, propeled it forward.


  •  Since Kronosaurus was a reptile, it had to continually return to the surface of the water to

    breathe, just like modern whales do.

  • Kronosaurus hunted and was hunted by Megalodon!