Oiceoptoma noveboracense

The Margined Carrion Beetle

Welcome to my webpage on Oiceoptoma noveboracense, otherwise known as the margined carrion beetle.  This common name was given to the beetle because of it's orange-red margins on the pronotum, which is used to help identify the species (Oiceoptoma noveboracense, a member of Carrion Beetles 2013).  The scientific name of this beetle translates into “pertaining to New York,” for the obvious reason that the species originated there (Bug Guide 2012).
I invite you to poke around on my webpage to your heart’s content.  In it, I will tell you all about how the margined carrion beetle is classified and where it lives.  You will also be able to find whom it interacts with and how it is helpful in the medical field.  
If you want to learn more about the margined carrion beetle, check out my sources I used for this project.  Otherwise, you can visit my about me page and contact me with any questions you may have.

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