Green Humphead Parrotfish picture used with permission

Check Out This Golden Grill!

Welcome to our site dedicated to the Bolbometopon muricatum, commonly known as the Green Humphead Parrotfish.  Throughout this site you can explore many aspects of life for our particular parrotfish. The Bolbometopon muricatum is the largest of the parrotfish species that has distinct characteristics which makes it an unique organism. In the picture below you can view such characteristics as you have a lateral view of a Green Humphead Parrotfish. Note the large bump on the forehead giving the the parrotfish its distinct name. Within this site you will be able to explore many aspects of our golden grill fish and get more information on classification, habitat, form and function, reproduction, interactions, endangerment and more fun facts.
This website was put together for the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse Biology department as a tool to have acess to an abundant amout of orgamisns that have been studied here. Throughout this site you can visit the many pages all about our fascinating fish. Enjoy!

Green Humphead Parrotfish image used with permission

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