Photinus marginellus

            This website follows the little firefly named Photinus marginellus! While here at “Light 'em Up” feel free to go through the website and look at all the different pages that will give you a deeper understanding of each section. The classification page will show you how to properly classify and better understand the Photinus marginellus ancestors. In the habitat page learn about all the different types of habitats that Photinus marginellus is able to live within. To understand how the Photinus marginellus moves around its habitat look under form and function. If interested in how this firefly reproduces and finds a mate, that information can be found underneath the reproduction tab. Along with interactions between male and females there are also interactions between Photinus marginellus and other organisms look underneath the interactions page. If all the information is not awesome enough, look under the facts page to find out more about Photinus marginellus!  Use the links below or above to access any of these pages. Also check out some other awesome sites at Multiple Orangisms!

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