Pteroptyx malaccae 

This website was created by Logan Fleres and Garrett Sarauer for the Organismal Biology course at University of Wisconsin- La Crosse.  Our goal is to provide a single website with a wide range of information regarding the species Pteroptyx malaccae.

As you may have noticed, Pteroptyx malaccae is a species of firefly.  While many of us have fond memories of chasing fireflies around the yard as kids, there is a lot more to these creatures than meets the eye. 

This website will provide you with information on the organism's classification, reproduction,   habitat, form and function, and interactions,  as well as providing some fun facts.  Since little research could be found specifically regarding Pteroptyx malaccae much of the information contained in this site applies to the broader genus and often the entire family Lampyridae.  Additionally, many of the photos are also of members of the family Lampyridae and are therefore are similar, but not identical to Pteroptyx malaccae. We hope you find this site of use. 

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