Night lights of the Caribbean
     Kryptophanaron alfredi



Kryptophanaron alfredi

Figure 1. Kryptophanaron alfredi Modified from Silvester and Fowler 1926 by Kara Greenwood 2013.

     Welcome to Night lights of the Caribbean, Kryptophanaron alfredi, created by Kara Greenwood and Lynzee Pinkert.  We created this webpage for an Organismal Biology class assignment.  We had to choose a bioluminescent organism to research and create a website for.  This webpage allows us to improve our scientific writing skills, ability to read and use online articles and databases, and compile the information as our own.  We chose Kryptophanaron alfredi for our organism.  We will explain the Classification of this wonderful bioluminescent fish.  You can read about its Habitat in the Caribbean.  Look at the Adaptation with the unique photophore light organ.  Explore Kryptophanaron alfredi Reproduction.  Learn about the Interactions of Kryptophanaron alfredi and other organisms, specifically bioluminescent bacteria.  Lastly, read up on Other Interesting Facts about our chosen organism.


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