Form and Function

The adult ranges in size from 9 to 13 mm. This fly is typically a light greyish color with three black stripes on the thorax (Diaz and Kaufmen, 2013). Unlike females, males are more hairy, with robust front legs that assist in their attempts to copulate. Like many flesh fly species, their "tail" or abdominal end is red for both males and females. The front femora are slightly larger than those on the remaining legs and often have a light grey coloration. Adults also have a distinctive black strip with golden or yellowish margins between theur eyes (Diaz and Kaufmen, 2013). The pupa ranges in size from 5 to 10mm, and color tends to be relative to the age of the pupa. In general the darker the color the more advanced the fly is in pupal development. In the final instar, the larval body ranges from 9 to 13 mm in length. Spiracles are located on plates set inside a cavity or pit on the posterior end (Diaz and Kaufmen, 2013).

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