The "False Spinner Dolphin"

Hello everyone and welcome to our website about the Stenella clymene also knows as the Clymene dolphin. Throughout this website, you will find in-depth information regarding CLASSIFICATION, HABITAT, FORM AND FUNCTION, REPRODUCTION, INTERACTIONS, and INTERESTING FACTS about this newly-discovered organism.


Figure 1. Lateral view of Stenella clymene mocking a spinner dolphin.

Due to the very resent discovery of the Stenella clymene, much of the information regarding this organism has not been throughly researched or observed yet. This webpage was created by biology students at the Univerity of Wisconsin-La Crosse for research and educational purposes. We decided to research this specific marine organism because of our interest in learning about a dolphin species that had been hidden from marine researchers for many years.

Thank you for viting our page and we hope you enjoy learning about this rare beauty as much as we enjoyed researching it. If you would like to learn more about other fascinating organisms from websites created by other biology students a part of the UW-L educational system, click on the following link: MULTIPLE


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