Meat ant cover 1 (Credit to Miopixia, Flickr)meat ant cover photo bill and mark bellftj

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Eusocial arthropods have taken advantage of the great resources we have on Earth and flourished far before the development of the wheel.  Iridomyrmex purpureus commonly referred to as the Meat Ant is a species that falls into that category.  Found in southern portions of Australia this eusocial ant uses complex forms of communication and precise reproduction methods to dominate underground landscapes and form super colonies.Meat Ant Colony

This undergraduate research site will take you through categories regarding the I. purpureus starting with its evolutionary Classification.  The information will continue through the Habitat, Adaptations, and Reproduction methods of the arthropod.  The ant expresses interesting Interactions which are also covered. 

None of the information on this site is directly credited to the authors, however all material (stats, facts, pictures, etc.) is properly cited in the References section.  This website is a project of Parker K. and Jake K., members of the class Organismal Biology 203, Lab section 11, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  For more information about the authors view the Contact page.


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