The Rove Beetle

Picture of Rove Beetles in comparison to American coin currency

Hello there! Thank you for visiting our website on the Aleochara bilineata, or more commonly known as, the Rove Beetle. The Aleochara genius belongs to the order Coleoptera. Coleoptera is of Greek origin, ‘Cole-’ meaning ‘sheath’ and ‘–pteron’ meaning ‘wing’, thus sheath-winged which the species is known for (Webster 2013). Their common name, on the other hand, is of English descent; ‘rove’ meaning ‘a journey, especially one with no specific destination’ and ‘beetle’ referring to the Coleoptera order (Webster 2013). These types of beetles are known to have actively predatory habits, hence the ‘rove’ nickname.
Picture of a rove beetle

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 picture of a rove beetle 

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