Pallid Bat Face. Photo obtained from the National Park Service.Crouching Pallid Bat. Photo obtained from minicooper93402.Pallid Bat drying on post. Photo obtained with permision from Jayaretea Snaps.

Enter the Cave of the Pallid Bat


Antrozous pallidus (commonly known as the pallid bat) is an amazing little animal that is very well adapted to its environment. They are most commonly known for their huge and pale ears and light-colored fur. They live in caves ranging from western Canada and into western Mexico. They are experts at using echolocation to find prey: usually consisting of insects. Pallid bats are interesting because they center their reproduction around hibernation. These bats are also experts at crawling and climbing, allowing them to freely move around their homes. Check out the topic pages to the left to learn more interesting details about the pallid bat!

Pallid bat soaring in cave. Photo obtained with permision from Christina Tobin.

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