BIO 203

The Sea Angel

There is one organism that resides in the deep sea that unfortuantely not many people know about and it is called the swimming sea cucumber. The swimming sea cucumber is one of the many mysterious and incredibly weird organisms that live in the deep ocean. When you see a photo of this animal it may take you by surprise with its bright colors and interesting shape. Most sea cucumbers look like big worms that live on the bottom of the sea. The swimming sea cucumber however, is unlike any other. It is almost almost all see through. Seriously, you can see the organisms sediment-filled intestines housed in its body. The animal resembles a cubby jellyfish. If you want to see for yourself, click here!

The swimming sea cucumber is one of those animals that are endlessly fascinating and tend to compel researchers to learn more about them. But the truth is, there are millions of organisms just as interesting as this pink creature from the ocean, so be sure to check out to learn more about these MANY different organisms.



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