Welcome to our website! This whole site is dedicated to the truly unique and interesting organism, the Okapia johnstoni, more commonly known as the Okapi. Extensive research has been done and we have compiled it to educate you on the Okapi. We will cover several topics such as the Okapi’s taxonomic classification, nutrition, form and function, conservation, habitat and range, as well as some fun facts about it. We will also include contact information just in case you need to reach us with questions or concerns.
            In our taxonomic classification page we will go over the taxonomic classification of the okapi and the reasons why it fits into each classification. There will also be a phylogenetic tree showing the okapi and some of its close relatives. In the nutrition section we will cover the diet of the okapi as well as some of its feeding habits. There are also some adaptations the okapi has developed in regards to feeding and digestion. The form and function section will go into more depth about the okapis evolutionary advantages. The conservation section will cover conservation efforts, specifically the Okapi Conservation Project. Finally the habitat section will cover the Okapi’s natural range and preferred habitat. The fun facts will cover anything we find cool that just doesn’t fit in anywhere! I hope you find our site informative and enjoyable.


If you have any question please feel free to contact me, Michael Tuyls at tuyls.mich@uwlax.edu or Andrew Jablonski at jablonsk.andr@uwlax.edu

This website is part of a larger project. Multiple Organisms is meant to help understanding of many different forms of life.

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