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Hello! Welcome to our website about the beautiful Lupinus bicolor, also known as the Miniature Lupine. Belonging to the family of Fabaceae (Calflora 2013), there are many members of the Lupinus genus, including some that are very hard to classify. There are about 50 different species of Lupine in Southern California alone (Harold Rickett 1970). The name Lupinus is derived from the root word “Lupus” which means wolf; based on the fact that they were thought to “devour” the soil of their habitat (SPLASH 2013). Refer to the habitat section if you would like to read more! The species name bicolor comes from the interaction habits with pollinators in which make the flower pedals turn colors from white to a lavender color.

The Miniature Lupine is a unique California wild flower in the fact that it has its own form and function and specific habitat, to accentuate and maximize reproduction and health. There are some fun facts about this California wild flower, in which I hope you explore! Don't forget about the gallery of pictures that is there for you to enjoy its beauty.

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