The Fireworm

Welcome to a website all about this magnificent biolumonecent worm Odontosyllis phosphorea more commonly known as the Fireworm. Check out some of O. phosphorea's ancesteral ties on our classification page. You can find O. phosphorea in their natural habitat cocooned in their homes attached to rocks in the benthic level of the ocean. Take a look at the form and function page to learnOdontosyllis phosphorea how these amazing bioluminescent worms have an immune system just like us! The O. phosphorea is widely known for its reproductive life cycle when it secretes bioluminescent mucus full of its gametes while it continues to swim circles near the surface of the ocean. Find out what O. phosphorea eat and what eat them by clicking on our interactions page. Finally learn about how Christopher Columbus and the Odontosyllis phosphorea are forever linked in history when Christopher Columbus made it to the Americas on our facts page.

Figure 1. Photo of Odontosyllis phosphorea taken by Peter J. Bryant 

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