The Elixir of Life Parasite

Welcome! This website is full of information on a common water parasite that lives right here in Wisconsin as well as other places worldwide! This little organism can't be seen with the human eye, but its small size is sure to defeat your digestive system, leaving you running to the bathroom (Gross, I know!). C. parvum is a protozoan that causes the disease Cryptosporidiosis, which has many symptoms including weight loss, electrolyte imbalance, and severe diarrhea. Here you'll find all you need to know regarding its habitat, reproduction, classification, adaptations, interesting facts, and interactions not only with humans, but animals too! This website was designed as a tool to learn the complex components of C. parvum.  We hope it inspires you to learn more about the microorganisms, and their impact, that live all around us!   
                            Pugh Collection 2012

This website was made in corporation with the University of Wisconsin La Crosse and the Biology Department. Hopefully it has inspired you to check out other organisms at the Multiple Orangims Website.

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