The reasons for choosing this particular parasite was because of the type of interaction it has with humans and animals, where it is found, and also the outcomes from infection. We believe others should find this parasite interesting as well becomes it is so close to home and you must be careful of your surroundings so you don’t get infected.
There are many interesting facts associated with Cryptosporidium parvum. This parasite is the most problematic from the months March through June because of the increase run off from rainwater (Upton, 2008). This excess run off leads to contamination in many ways such as fecal contamination of animals and when organisms drink the water, they become infected. It was also interesting to find that some of the most frequent waterborne illness is linked to C. parvum among humans in the United States (CDC, 2003).
As stated before, C. parvum potentially causes the disease of cryptosporidiosis. This disease will go away on its own if the individual has a healthy immune system. AIDS patients and others with immunodeficiency may have the disease for life potentially leading to pulmonary system invasion followed by death (Health Grades, 2013).
There has been a wide range of current studies and researches completed to finding a way to improve the activity against C. parvum. From the International Journal of Pharmaceutics, a strategy to deliver antibiotics to the infected intestines was found. Mucoadhesive nanosuspensions, a type of drug delivery system, decreased the time of infection and also overcomes problems regarding the severe diarrhea (Kayser, 2001).
We mentioned that one of the reasons why we chose this particular parasite was because of where it is found. This disease is closer to home than we think. In 1997, an outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis occurred at a Minnesota zoo. Ten children were attending a birthday party at the zoo and developed the symptoms of this disease after playing in the interactive water fountain. The zoo reported that they frequently replaced the water every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but the filter was not flushed according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This goes to show that anything can happen even in the surroundings where we think are least likely to be potentially harmful.

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