Synanceia horrida (stonefish)



 The Syananceia horrida otherwise known as the stonefish can generally be found in/around coral reefs.This is an ideal environment for S. horrida as the reddish stone-like appearance of its skin allows it to blend in with the coral and rocks that it resides around. With its tendency to stay near reefs the waters in which you can find the S. horrida tend to be quite shallow. Its behavior to stay away from deep waters that organisms such as the Mantis Shrimp (Squilla mantis) and the Humboldt squid (Dosidicus gigas) thrive in, is what makes the stonefish so dangerous. The S. horrida lives right on the swimmers doorstep.


Quick Statistics:

Depth range: 0-40m

Where found: coral reefs

Type of waters found in: Marine

Climate region located in: Tropical



S. horrida can be found around the waters of the Indo-Pacific region which includes many small island countries such as Singapore and Fiji. It is also found around Australia distributed throughout the Great Barrier Reef, New South Wales, as well as some parts of Queensland. The Indo-Pacific region aside from being the most common place to find S. verrucosa is also home to 3000 other species of fish, making it the most species rich area of the ocean.



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