BIO 203

The Mystery of Dunkle's Bones


Welcome to the mysterious world of a prehistoric fish!

Let's take a trip back in time to around four hundred million years ago. During this time a mysterious fish by the name of Dunkleosteus terrelli roamed the ocean floor.  We can begin by diving into the ocean to find this prehistoric preditor and discover the life that D. terrelli once lived.  Swimming around with a head of armor, other fish didn't stand a chance against this fierce preditor.  D. terrelli was a preditor in the class Placodermi, which is an extinct class of vertibrate fishes.  D. terrelli was also one of the largest and most successful placoderms to ever live. This fish had many unique characteristics that it adapted to in order to survive durning the Late Devonian Period.


To learn more about the Dunkleosteus terrelli and how this unique organism lived visit our Habitat, Classification, Form and Function, Reproduction, and Interaction pages. Also you can see more images of what D. terrelli is thought to have looked like in our gallery section.


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