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Hopefully you have your scuba licence and are ready to swim through the ocean to explore the Pink Skunk Clownfish, Amphiprion perideraion. As you navigate through our web page, you will learn everything you will need to know about this beautiful coral Pink Anemone fish http://www.photolib.noaa.gov/700s/reef0967.jpgreef organism. Starting with where this fish is on the classification spectrum of all organims.  We will then submerge you into the deep waters to learn about the habitat that the Amphiprion perideraion prefers.  We also explore and explain the adaptations necessary for this type of clownfish to interact with other organisms as well as how it reproduces and cares for their young.

While you are learing about the Amphiprion perideraion, there is so much more ocean to explore!  Specifically in the coral reef habitat.  Many other interesting coral reef organsim have had pages, similiar to ours, created with information about them that are worth exploring. If you are feeling brave, check out the Hammerhead Shark, a famous predator in the waters. If you want to stay close to what our page is discussing, dabble with the best know species of clownfish, Amphiprion ocellaris. Check out the starfish that inhabits the floor of the coral reef.  A full list of organisms done by UWL students can be found at multipleorganisms.net.

You can always come up for air, and then use the side bar to continue on your journey for the Pink Skunk Clownfish. If you want to check out some other pages on the Pink Anemonefish check out these two other links to other page, Amphiprion periderain and the Pink Clownfish.
A special thanks to our lab instructor, Rebecca Warren, for helping us steer our information submarine through the salty waters.  Also thanks to our Organismal Biology Professors, Dr. Baines and Dr. Haro, for keeping the research anchor from getting too stuck.


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