Sunda Flying Lemur
Galeopterus variegatus

Welcome! We would like to introduce to you the cutely insane or insanely cute Galeopterus variegatus! More commonly known as the Sunda Colugo, Malayan Colugo, or flying lemur, the Galeopterus variegatus is one of only two extant colugo species. Ironically, the flying lemur is a gliding creature and is not a lemur! Check out this video to see how they glide! This creature is a hard to spot organism that is found throughout Malaysia. Here you can learn about their classification, where they live, adaptations, what they eat, how they reproduce, how they interact with eachother and their environment, as well as many other interesting facts! Want to learn about other organisms? Check out more websites made by other University of Wisconsin-La Crosse students here!

Figure 1. Malayan colugo hanging upside down. Photo by Nick Garbutt.