General picture of a Tiger musky

It's Tiger Time

     Tiger muskies are the sterile hybrid of the Esox lucius (northern pike) and the Esox masquinongy (muskellunge). It has characteristics that are similar to both the parent species including the sleek slender torpedo like body and the long pointed snout. Tiger muskies also have characteristics that are a mix of both the northern pike and the muskellunge which will be talked about in the comparison page in our website. With that being said the tiger muskies also have very unique characteristics, the most prominent being the vertical stripes that go down its slender body,resembling a tigers, which is where the name tiger muskie orginated.Landed Pineview tiger muskie. Photo compliments of Dave Webb



Figure 1. Landed Pineview tiger musky . Photo taken by Dave Webb

    These fish, known as the freshwater bad boys due to their aggression and size, are a very sacred to trophy anglers. These game fish provide the experience of a life time, but that’s only if you manage to catch one; these fish, similar to the muskellunge, are extremely hard to catch and require an immense amount of patience. In our website we will dive into some angling secrets to catch these fresh water giants in our angling webpage.

    Other topics that will be discussed in this webpage are the diet/predation behavior of the tiger musky, the classification of this species with an explanation of why it belongs to each organization level. Lastly this web page will inform you about the habitat of which these fresh water goliaths dwell. 

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