BIO 203

A look into: Riftia pachyptilaebsite

Over a mile below the ocean surface lays a part of the ocean that would seem uninhabitable. The more shallow areas of the ocean use cyanobacteria but this far down is void of light and teeming with toxic chemicals. We would think it would be a barren waste land. However, there is still life. A multitude of newly discovered chemosynthetic organisms. We will be exploring the "poster child" of deep sea discovery the giant tube worm Riftia pachyptila recently discovered in 1977(Feldbeck, 1981).


Permission by: Jesse Mitchell


If you are interested in learning more about the early classification of Riftia pachyptila in a slightly more laid back website I would suggest the 2007 webpage by Jack Rossing and in part by Tom Volk -here It does have very useful insight into the beginning classification ideas and is quite entertaining.


Also for proper pronunciation of Riftia pachyptila I suggest this easy video by Emma Saying. -here



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