Photinus courtesy of Don Salvatore

Providing the Light on Photinus ignitus

Picture of Photinus ignitus courtesy of Don SalvatoreDo you remember those warm, summer nights in your backyard searching for a glimpse of a flashing glow?  The glows of these beetles, commonly known as fireflies, have much more purpose than satisfying our late night adventures of obtaining an insect that will light up a jar.  These bioluminescent signals can indicate a variety of things.  Mostly, these flashes are produced by the firefly’s to indicate to a mate which kind of lightning bug species they are!  The species of firefly that we will be talking about is named Photinus ignitus.  In this website, there will be much more content on the bioluminescence of Photinus ignitus and more!  Little does mankind realize how well adapted these little insects appear to be.  This website also provides information on how Photinus ignitus contains defensive steroids that make them so bad-tasting, that there predators think twice about making this firefly their next meal.  You can read more about the connections that Photinus ignitus has with its predators, prey, and same species in Interactions page.  If you want to get more detail with fireflies in general, take a quick glance at the Fun FactsPhotinus ignitus perched on a leaf courtesy of Don Salvatore page.  We have set up some general facts about the firefly that we think you would find interesting!  Not only is there plenty of information on Photinus ignitus in this website for you to read about, but we have also placed numerous links throughout the website for you to check other awesome animals through  We hope you enjoy learning more on this flashy beetle, and if you happen to have any questions, email either one of us authors right away!  You can find our contact information in Contact Authors.

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