The Miraculous MorelPhotograph from Thomas J. Volk

              Welcome to our website about the miraculous morel! We did extensive research on the species Morchella esculenta and found many exciting facts that we wanted to share. Our website will take you on a virtual tour through the typical life of a morel mushroom. Starting with how it is classified in the domain of life and continuing on through its habitat, adaptation, reproduction, and interactions. The journey ends with interesting facts about the morel, the references we used, and information about us, the authors.

             What makes the morel so miraculous? Since it is a fungus, it lives a much different life than most people realize. It lives among many other organisms and gets its nutrition in a different way than plants and animals. Also, humans use this tasty fungus for culinary purposes. This will all be described in more depth as you experience the life of M. esculenta.


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