Welcome to Vibrio salmonicida

Have you ever gone to the supermarket in search of fresh salmon and come back empty handed? Have you ever heard of outbreaks of disease in salmon, making them unedible? Have you ever wondered who was the cause of the lack of salmon on your dinner plate? If you are looking for the answers to all these questions and more you found the right place!

Vibrio salmonicida is a bacteria that infects and kills salmon and several other fish. If a fish becomes infected with this harmful bacteria it becomes unedible! Browse through this website to find out more about this interesting bacteria.

This webpage is for anyone who is searching for information on Vibrio salmonicida. It is part of a larger project known as Multipleorganism, which is being completed at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  Vibrio salmonicida is an organism that has had little to no research done on it and looking for information about this organism can be complicated. However, with this website you can find basic information about this interesting organism. Even though this bacteria may look harmless, it can be fatal to many different types of fish.  Information that can be found on this webpage includes: classification, habitat, how the organism lives and reproduces, interactions with other animals, and finally, quick facts about Vibrio salmonicida.

Unlike many organisms we know and love, Vibrio salmonicida does not have a common name. If you would like to research similarities to other organisms, check out the Classifcation page. The classification page is where you can find a phylogeny for this organism.

This webpage is brought to you by Stephanie D. and Rachel V. studying at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse.
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