Phanaeus vindex - The Rainbow Scarab Beetle!

        Welcome to the wonderful world of Phanaeus vindex!  While exploring this website, you will gain a greater knowledge of the species P. vindex and some general information regarding the genus Phanaeus as well.  To further your knowledge on this species of dung beetle, use the different content pages that will go further into depth.  In the Classification page, you will find what qualifications this organism has to be considered a true Phaneine.  Under the Habitat page, there is further information on where this organism finds home.  As far as where you can find how P. vindex moves and reacts to the environment, this information can be found under the Adaptation page.  In regards to how this organism reproduces and how it finds a mate, more information can be found under the Reproduction page.  Under the Interactions page, you will find out how this organism interacts or works with numerous other organisms, including us humans.  If that’s not enough to get your blood pumping, you can visit the Interesting Facts page to find more information.  Perhaps the thought of dung is not sitting well with you, no worries!  Check out a more predaceous species of beetle here.  However, if you can not help yourself and need more of P. vindex, continue on to the Classification page!

 Photograph courtesy of Christopher Grinter

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