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         Hello! My name is Lucas Zellmer.  I began my collegiate career at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls before transferring to the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse.  As far as academics are concerned, I am currently a sophomore majoring in biology with a pre-med emphasis.  Aside from my studies, I enjoy any athletic activity as well as the outdoors.  This website was made in conjunction with the course BIO 203: Organismal Biology.  Our specific lab section was assigned the task of researching decomposing arthropods for this website, which is how my partner and I landed on the intriguing dung beetle Phanaeus vindex, or rainbow scarab beetle.  In regards to the various pages of this website, I was solely responsible for the Adaptation section as well as the Interactions section.  Although I’m not an expert regarding this species, I learned much more than I had previously expected and would love to share any and all of the information I have gathered.  Feel free to contact me at for any questions, comments, or perhaps constructive criticism.  Thanks for stopping by!

         Hello! My name is Zach Stoflet and I am currently a Biology major with educational emphasis, and am also majoring in broad field science as well at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse.  I plan on becoming a biology teacher someday, and am planning on earning a master’s degree in administration, in pursuit of becoming an athletic director considering my love for sports. Not only do I love sports, but they also play a big role in my life, for example, most of my hobbies and extracurricular activities involve playing football, basketball, Frisbee, and numerous other sports with my friends.  I also am greatly involved in the outdoors, I come from a big hunting and fishing family, and love every minute I spend outside.  I hope you have enjoyed what Lucas and I have shared with you throughout this website, and for any further questions, feel free to contact me at any time. In regards to the pages that I am responsible for, I wrote the information for both the Habitat, and Reproduction pages. Feel free to e-mail me at for any further questions comments or concerns.

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