Why choose this one? - I chose this organism because I have always been interested in it.  If I was going to make a webpage and research an organism thoroughly, I figured I should picked one that was cool!


Why is it Interesting? - The octopus is interesting because of all the things it is capable of.  It is the smartest invertebrate in the world and it looks kind of funny.  There are tons of stories about octopuses and squid.  Did you know there are some octopuses that are poisonous?  Unfortunately I could not make a webpage on the genus Octopus, I had to choose a species.  So there are many many more adaptations and cool features about octopuses that I have not covered because of the fact that I can only talk about one species, so if this has interested you, I highly suggest you just go find some random webpage and read more about the different kinds of octopuses.


Its Relatives - The octopus is related to squid, nautilus and cuttlefish, all of which are interesting in their own way.  Some squid can grow to be incredibly big and have been know to wrestle and kill sperm whales.  Other squid live and hunt in packs, never once touching the sea floor, but floating in the water column their entire lives.  The nautilus has an exterior shell and can have hundreds of arms.  A cuttlefish has the ability to rapidly change colors and scientists believe they use this as a means of communication.