How Do They Reproduce?

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    The Platypus is polygynous, which means that one male mates with several females, usually about three or four.  There is a short breeding season which lasts from June to October.  Females are able to mate by the time they are only two years old! But fertilization has occurred in females as old as nine. 

    The Platypus lays eggs! However, it is considered oviparous.  The eggs develop in the uterus for 28 days, then incubate outside for 10 days.  When the eggs hatch, the babies are completely helpless.  The father doesn't even stick around!  The female will build a nest and curl around the young.  The mother provides milk for the young like all mammals.  However, the females lack teats.  There are grooves on the midsection of the female that collect the secreted milk and serve as little saucers for the younglings to drink.  


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