What Does a Platypus Eat?

A Platypus spends an average of 12 hours every day searching for food!!

A Platypus is a carnivore.  Its diet consists mainly of shrimp, crayfish, insect larvae and worms. 

As discussed on the Adaptation section, the Platypus uses Electroreception to find its prey.  It can stick its bill into the sand and sense another creature.  A Platypus also utilizes large pouches in the cheeks to store food, then return to the surface to consume it. 

Interesting Facts About Their Diet:

    The Platypus does not used its bill to eat.  Its mouth is actually located under the bill!

    The average Platypus eats 20% of its body weight every day! That is like a 150 pound human eating 30 pounds of food every single day!

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